Recommendations to Improve Public Health

The Little Hoover Commission has received recommendations from various members of the public health community.  The following are some of those recommendations.  Recommendations received in the form of written testimony for public hearings or from presentations given at advisory committee meetings are on the study's web site at lhcdir/pubhealth/pubhealth.html, listed by date of hearing/meeting.

Recommendations received from:

  • Joseph M. Hafey, M.P.A., President and CEO, Public Health Institute
  • Lester Breslow, M.D., M.P.H., Member, Los Angeles County Public Health Commission; Professor Emeritus and Former Dean, UCLA School of Public Health; Former Director of Public Health, State of California
  • Lester Breslow and Philip R. Lee, M.D., Former Director of Health and Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health
  • Poki Stewart Namkung, M.D., M.P.H., President, California Conference of Local Health Officers